The Singer’s Tale, out now in paperback


“Grimes has a fascinating story to tell.” London Jazz News

“A great UK talent” John Fordham, The Guardian

“A national treasure” Blues in Britain

“The Edith Piaf of British music” Camden Review

“As a woman and an artist, Carol has experienced much, learned more and conveys what she knows in a manner that genuinely connects.” The Vortex

“Expect darkness and light, ugliness and beauty, comedy and tradegy” Cheryl Moskowitz

The Singer’s Tale ~ Saint James Theatre ~ London

‘The Singer’s Tale’ was just so brilliant on so many different levels, a fascinating story of a life lived; laughter mixed with nostalgia and the occasional tinge of sadness and sometimes regret, made me remember times from my youth which I had forgotten [well it’s been a while] – soaring, moving, vibrant music and song, play acting, acting the fool, just incredible, so poignant – sounds and images from last evening still going round in my mind – marvellous – thank you all, Carol Grimes,Dorian FordAnnie Whitehead, Winston Clifford and Neville Malcolm x

 Like you say, still going around in our minds, all the minds of everyone that was there, I am sure. It is certainly going round in ours.

Paul Griffiths A fabulous evening – and what a great recording. 

This was a gem of a show. Evocative poetry and fine songs to match. Carol Grimes Singer’s Tale. Highly recommended..

Carol Huggins Brilliant night. Loved it all but ended too soon. Musicians great. A blues harmonica player on the 12 bar numbers would have been nice only ‘cos my husband plays it. Our friend and my husband were your groupies back in the day, a long long time away. Thank you.