The Singers Tale

Publisher: Gottahavebooks

This is my friend, the witty, talented, legendary (and quite short) powerhouse that is singer, writer, Carol Grimes.

This is part one of her autobiography, The Singer’s Tale. It is a rich and wonderful read, chaptering her extraordinary life. From a challenging post- war childhood, through sixties London, record deals, a myriad of beautiful souls, family and misfits – from Chelsea 1966 and the seventies Ladbroke Grove – to the fervent Rock Against Racism rallies, improvised nights, dim days, identity, loves gained, friends lost and found – and music. Always music.

“I heard Ray Charles on a jukebox in 1959.
Night time is the right time, I knew that sound was fine”

I visited Carol today in her beautiful home in Kent to get my signed book.

Me: Can I bring anything? Carol: An axe…and gin.

Love you Carol ❤ The Singer’s Tale

“Grimes has a fascinating story to tell.” London Jazz News

“A great UK talent” John Fordham, The Guardian

“A national treasure” Blues in Britain

“The Edith Piaf of British music” Camden Review

“As a woman and an artist, Carol has experienced much, learned more and conveys what she knows in a manner that genuinely connects.” The Vortex

“Expect darkness and light, ugliness and beauty, comedy and tradegy” Cheryl Moskowitz

An excellent and compulsive read

A remarkable book – excellent and compulsive read – with the odds heavily stacked against her, Carol’s determination to make it as a singer would make a great film if it could capture the underlying theme of changing times from an era that was almost recognisable as Victorian to the transformation that was rock’n’roll driven by the post-war generation and rise of multicultural Britain. Carol is a brilliant singer and having enjoyed her singing back in the early 70s with Uncle Dog, I would never have imagined the back story of her life at time when her performances oozed such confidence and she was rightly referred to as England’s Janice Joplin. When she sings the blues with such feeling it is because her life sprang from personal hardship, rejection and a gritty determination to overcome, which the blues and The Singer’s Tale richly evoke. Here’s hoping that Carol can share with us the rest of her story from the ‘80s to now.

A wonderful read, written with vivid detail

A wonderful read, written with vivid detail, straight from the heart. She has had an extraordinary life being born in London at the end of the 2nd. World War and going on, despite all the odds stacked against her, to become a professional singer working across the globe. Her writing engrosses you and is enlightening about the struggles of a girl growing up in post war Britain going on to become a renowned singer and, just as importantly for her, a mother. You feel almost a part of her personal struggles and joys – the different voices showing her insight, tenacity and humanity. She weaves a wonderful tale, and the book shows her talent as both a writer as well as a singer. An amazing journey!

A fabulous, heart-felt moving read

This is a fabulous book. I bought it as I love Carol’s singing,but you don’t need to know her music to appreciate this book. This is so much more than your average music biog. It paints a vivid tale of growing up in post-World War Two Britain, then moves through an extraordinary life to becoming the acclaimed singer that she is.

This is such a beautiful book. It flows through time seamlessly with 3D …

This is such a beautiful book. It flows through time seamlessly with 3D perspective of an internal monologue. It is beautifully written and gripping. Gunnel Larsson

Reading your book May it never 💦 end!! Laughing Crying Being moved Recognising Loving every movement ❤ Beverley Beirne

Wonderful! I’m hungry for it already! X Manage. Paul Griffiths

Ian Shaw You’ll love it x