The Singer's Tale

I am writing a book… The Singers Tale… thank you Chaucer.

He coude songes make, and wel endite. Canterbury Tales, Prologue, Line 95.

He didn't write The Singer's Tale, so I have done it – how presumptuous of me! He spent time in Blackfriars and Kent and places in between, as I do…

I felt compelled to tell my life – my story, and in the telling, of others, bad and bold, gentle and wise, and of London. My city, my home.

I hold a mouses wit not worth a leke, That hath but on hole for to sterten to. Canterbury Tales. The Wif of Bathe, Prologue, Line 6154.

Please read if you have a moment and please tell me, if you can, where you think I should go with this. 'Tis the first two chapters. I am on the way to the end. Hopefully not my end, yet! But the end of the story so far.

Love from Carol.