Where are You?

Written 1992
C.D.Alive at Ronnie Scotts

Child, Where are you?

This face, the one I've known so long
was it ever a child
Child long gone?

I see, behind this mask of mine
buried deep, insidetime,
old memories and fears.

I weep , for time I cannot keep,
searching for a beginning
to understand the end.

I do not yearn for immortality,
but to have known a mothers arms,
feel a heart beat for me.

Where are you? Who am I?

Did you, unfold my newborn hands
and kiss and hold me close
fall in love with me then?

Did you breath in the smell of me,
your eyes fill with tears of joy,
at the softness of my skin.

Did you love me as I,
fell in love with my child-
No . You left me alone.
Tell me why.

Oh,this face the one I've known so long,
Was it ever a child?
Child long gone.

Where are you ?