‘round midnight.

‘It begins to tell ‘round midnight ‘round midnight....’
The ghost of Thelonious Monk
visits me in a Monks room behind a curtain
a climb up narrow stars of slate
I am awake in a
small bed
above my head an ancient roof
of beam and thatch
I lie
trying to catch
illusive sleep
the window is open
an owl or did I imagine it?
Toowit toowoo
walks above my head?
the soft creak
of footsteps on old wood
my mind is simmering
thoughts tumbling in free fall
air sweet
and cool on my face
the country night sounds are extraordinary
a sky soft
and dark
without orange urban light
imposing its glare
upon this Devonshire hollow
in the midnight
of its star full darkness
‘I do very well ‘till after sundown
Suppertime I’m feeling sad but it really gets bad ’round midnight’

Lyrics Bernie Hanighen
Music Thelonious Monk
Written in the year of my birth. I love Thelonious Monk