My Blues.

Recorded 1986
on CD Eyes Wide Open

I heard Ray Charles on a Jukebox in 1959.
'Night time is the right time.'
And oh, that sound was fine.
Miles Davis blew 'Kind Of Blue.'
A bitter sweet refrain.
And I never heard a saxophone
Played as wild as John Coltrane.

When Ella sang
'How Strange The Change From Major to Minor'
And Charlie was the 'Bird' who cried.
I never heard a sound,
Mmm - any finer.
It caught my heart inside.
Aretha soared and Otis roared and
Bobby 'Big Blue' Bland
Could sing his song and before too long
You know you understand
The blues: my blues: your blues.

Now, Oscar Brown,
He was cool, old school cool
Like Mingus, 'AH UM,' break the rules.
Betty Write out 'a sight 'Shoo rah, shoo rah.'
Gil Scott Heron, no music for fools.
And Joni sweet Joni, Blue, like a River
She flows: as the Blues your blues, my blues.

Bold fingers, that's Mingus,
Ain't no funk like Thelonius Monk.
The sound lingers, soul singers.
Marvin Gaye, Sam and Dave, Staple Singers
Sam Cooke, ooh I'm sunk.
When Bessie sang 'Any Woman's Blues....'
She took my breath away.
'Body and soul'
I lost control at the sound of
Lady Day.

A sensual moan, Nina Simone
Stevie Wonder, the music's inside.
'No! No regrets'
I'll never forget Edith Piaf,
She sang from inside the blues.
Your blues: My blues: The blues.
Your blues: My blues: The blues.