Mau Mau.

Written 1972
Recorded as a song in 1985
C.D. Eyes Wide Open

Mau Mau

Europe with your lands your beauty
and your culture.
Why did you rape and plunder
so many lands and lives?
You destroyed denied stole and erased.
But spirits don't die.
They cry but don't die.

When I was a child growing up in the 60's
I remember the Mau Mau
Portrayed in the News
& I heard it on the radio.
I saw it in the papers & on the news reel screen.
Savage hoards of cannibals.
people who killed and plundered
raiding white peoples homes
and lands.
Mau Mau was the bogey man!
The dark reason for my fears
in dreams.
Flashing eyes and spears
and deafening screams.
They crashed through jungles and crept across the lands,
silently in the night
to get me In my bed.
And I was afraid.
Why did nobody tell me
Who was Mau Mau
And why.
They Lied.

On hot earth still throbbing
with the heat of bloody turmoil.
Cities who's riches and splendour
are denied-to those who built them
with their sweat and their pain.
But spirits dont die,
They cry but don't die.