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Excerpt from my book

I am writing a book… A Singers Tale… thank you Chaucer.

He coude songes make, and wel endite.Canterbury Tales, Prologue, Line 95.

He didn't write a Singer's Tale, so I have done it. He spent time in Blackfriars and Kent and places in between, as I do…

I felt compelled to tell my life – my story…

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Song Lyrics

The Dance
Inspired by Marc Chagall’s Painting. With music by Dorian Ford and Carol Grimes

Written In 1987 – Daydreams & Danger Album

Where are You?
Written 1992 – Alive at Ronnie Scotts Album

My Blues
Written in 1984 – Eyes Wide Open Album

Mau Mau
Written 1972 – Recorded as a song in 1985, Eyes Wide Open Album

Blues for Louis
Recorded in 2003 – Mother Album


Five Poems
Written in 2004/5

Four Poems

'round midnight