We had no idea of ever performing publicly but with inspirational tuition from Carol Grimes, our confidence and ability to sing together grew and with it a determination to stand on our feet, or sit up in our wheel chairs and raise the funds by a benefit concert in a venue generously loaned us by the TUC.

A community choir for people with Parkinson’s disease, and other conditions, and their friends and carers, can now continue providing therapy and pleasure for its members after a successful benefit concert in July raised some £2,500 for its depleted funds. The Choir which meets weekly in London’s Kentish Town started in September 2003, with a PDS “Create It” millennium fund award. But when the award ran out the choir was on its own. The choir never intended to perform publicly, but with inspirational tuition from its charismatic teacher, Carol Grimes, the group’s confidence and ability to sing together grew. And with confidence the choir become determined to stand on its own feet, sit up in its wheel chairs, and raise money through their own efforts.

Fortunately Carol Grimes is a well-known jazz, blues and world music singer and she persuaded her band, the New Coats, to take part in the event. Carol also signed up outstanding cabaret singer, Barb Jungr, and the striking and beautiful harmony singing trio, Wayward Grace, who all agreed to appear free of charge. Other gratis help included designing and printing of flyer and tickets, a telephone ticket hotline, and the venue at the TUC in London’s west end. Choir members made decorations for hall and tables, and family members and friends staffed and stewarded the event. And finally some 250 people had a night to remember.

John Shaw
Sing for Joy participant, 2004

Fabulous singer, fabulous teacher, you have a great gift. The confidence you gave me for my poem song ‘Wish’ I have been seeking for 10 years. A wish come true.

John Fox
Welfare State International

I was thrilled to be singing again after 17 years away from it. Last weekend was my idea of heaven.

Diane Metcalfe
participant on a weekend workshop, February 2001

Carol is one of the leading voice teachers. She brings enthusiasm, passion and integrity to her teaching which she communicates to her students, challenging very able students and drawing out the best and the unknown from the less able and problematic.

Norton York MA MPhil
University of Westminster

Using movement, contemplation, masks, poetry and text of our own devising, in group and individual work, we sang our way through our lives, continuously learning and adding to our interpretive skills. Each individual was supported creatively, imaginatively and sympathetically, and all of us were fascinated and often moved by the directions taken by our companions.

The course finished with performances by each student - our own heart songs.

Yvonne Mallet
from a review in the Jazz singers Network Newsletter

We at Theatre4business have worked with Carol Grimes on numerous occasions, bringing her in as a specialist to communication trainings and workshops we run for clients in both the corporate and public sector. Her knowledge and expertise of the voice is second to none. She inspires audiences and enables them to reach and liberate voices they have lost touch with, with astounding results. Not only do people leave having had an incredible time, they also leave with a greater and more assured knowledge of their voice and how to better present themselves in communications in the workplace.

Alongside the voice, Grimes manages to bring out and develop choices in personal style and impact. People stand better, have improved their posture, achieved some of the their potential, and learn how to breathe to support their voice and ideas.

She has great authority and generosity and is able to work with clients of all ages and abilities, and I am sure that anyone undertaking sessions with her will come out richer and more confident.

Didi Hopkins
partner, theatre4business