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View From Underground Season

View From Underground Season  The late 1960s appeared filled with revolutionary possibilities, but were they for women? Breaking through the myths and stories of sex, drugs, rock-and-roll, freedom and flower power, this event will offer a frank examination of the experience of creative women innovating and experimenting amidst the turbulent upheavals shaking London. Live discussion […]

Thurs 28th April from 7.15 – 8.45pm Where: Applecart Arts, 170 Harold Road, London E13 0SE What: A Singers Tale with Carol Grimes & Isabelle Postill Guesting Forest Voices Community Choir.

 Eleto Chocolate Cafe (Folkestone, Kent)

 With Annie Whitehead Richard Bundy  & Alison Rayner  Eleto Chocolate Cafe Folkestone, Kent   

The Vortex 10th March 2018 with Alison Rayner Richard Bundy Winston Clifford Paul Chenoir

The Lighthouse Deal Kent FEB 16 Carol Grimes Jessica Lauren Annie Whitehead & Jennifer

        FEB16 Carol Grimes Jessica Lauren Annie Whitehead & Jennifer Maidman

The Singers Tale published late November 2017

Dave Monk A remarkable book – excellent and compulsive read – with the odds heavily stacked against her, Carol’s determination to make it as a singer would make a great film if it could capture the underlying theme of changing times from an era that was almost recognisable as Victorian to the transformation that was rock’n’roll […]