Carol at Vortex: 5th November 2016

TALES AND SONGS FROM A LIFE Carol returns to the Vortex with Dorian Ford (piano), Winston Clifford (drums), Alison Rayner (bass) and Annie Whitehead (trombone). Stellar reviews abound of Carol’s autobiographical song book which she brings back to us, different each time, with her wonderful accompanists. The Singer’s Tale is by turns charming, funny and

Some reviews…

“To those whose lives Grimes’s singing has touched, she’s one of the UK’s great underappreciated talents and at seventy-one, she hasn’t lost the power to enthral with a blues or a jazz standard.” – Herald Scotland “Carol Grimes’ voice… [is] as smooth as silk, as sensual as smoke“- Michael Kemp “Carol slips easily from blues

The Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson Disease Paperback

Parkinsons Creative Collective (PCC) is a small group of people with Parkinson disease (PD) who met on the internet and created: The NeuroWriters’ Guide to the Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson Disease, an anthology of experiences of life with PD. Who should read it? Anyone who touches the world of PD. Why “peripatetic?” The word comes from ancient

Carol at Notting Hill: 29th September 2016

Carol Grimes has been singing and performing across venues in London for over 50 years. From the moment she heard Ella Fitzgerald singing Every Time We Say Goodbye, Grimes had wanted to be a singer. Later, hearing the great British blues singer-guitarist Jo Ann Kelly and Julie Driscoll, who was in the front line of

Review: The Singer’s Tale

St James Studio, 9th February 2015 Large slices of British jazz history are disappearing. The music itself is documented, but the accounts of how it was made and the world for which it was performed are fading because they exist only in the frailest of formats – memory. So when an event like Carol Grimes’

The Singers Tale: Carol Grimes – the “Edith Piaf” of British music

By Sebastian Taylor, Camden Review, 5th February 2015 Carol Grimes, the “Edith Piaf” of British music, is singing about her extraordinary life in The Singer’s Tale at St James Theatre’s studio next Monday evening. Part dramatisation of her life story, part jazz gig, she’s singing with her collaborator/pianist Dorian Ford, fabulous trombonist Annie Whitehead,