Some reviews…

“To those whose lives Grimes’s singing has touched, she’s one of the UK’s great underappreciated talents and at seventy-one, she hasn’t lost the power to enthral with a blues or a jazz standard.” – Herald Scotland

“Carol Grimes’ voice… [is] as smooth as silk, as sensual as smoke“- Michael Kemp

“Carol slips easily from blues to jazz and from soul to straight ahead rock. While employing a musical vocabulary drawn from a wide range of American styles, the difference between the two is also highlighted by Carol’s quintessential Britishness. Carol imbues her material, particularly her self-penned lyrics, with humour as well as gritty realism.” – Review of The Vortex

“Carol Grimes, the forthright and defiantly independent jazz, blues, and world-music singer still emits the same fierce glow that has been her trademark since her R&B beginnings 30 years ago.” – The Guardian

“a national treasure… if you had to label Carol Grimes you might call her a jazz singer (she is backed by terrific jazz players like saxophonist Elton Dean and trumpeter Harry Beckett) but her repertoire is so eclectic that it hardly seems meaningful to try and pigeonhole her at all.” – Blues in Britain